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Serve people and society by strengthening peace on the Earth with the capabilities of science and technology

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For public and private structures, that share our mission

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We solve the problem "on a turn-key basis": from idea to implementation

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Principles of doing business

Principles of doing business

Presents and services

Offering or receiving gifts and provision of different services and token of gratitude plays an important role in strengthening business relationships. It is prohibited to accept or offer gifts, services or any other values to individuals in order to obtain improper benefits or influence a business decision or any other activity.


Business meetings at meals are generally applicable practice throughout the world. In general, you can accept an invitation or invite a business partner to eat in the following circumstances: the purpose of such a meeting is the exchange of professional information; the frequency of such meals does not exceed what is needed for professional needs; the cost of food intake is within reasonable limits in accordance with the circumstances and local methods of business turnover.


In our company leisure (for example, concerts or sports events) form an integral part of business and make it possible to strengthen business relations. In general, an invitation to an entertainment event is acceptable under the following conditions: it is a real part of a negotiation or a meeting aimed at discussing business matters or strengthening business relations; the business partner also participates in the event; the event is exclusive and corresponds to ethical standards of business entertainment; it is allowed by the legislation of Ukraine.



Research of segments of the arms and military equipment markets; general marketing research; technical research and testing.



weapons and ammunition, special non-standard equipment; communication devices, telecommunications, optical devices; repair work.



working project; preliminary design; technical project; working design documentation; technological documentation; repair documentation.



Photovoltaic solar battery

The photovoltaic solar battery is designed to convert the energy of solar radiation directly into direct current electrical energy to power various electrical appliances with a peak power rating of 5, 9 or 16 watts and a nominal voltage of 3, 6, 12, 24 or 48 volts.

The software and hardware complex for managing geospatial data "Rainbow"

The software and hardware complex for geospatial data management "Rainbow" is designed to create, edit, store and publish a database of vector and raster data with the ability to use a variety of services for managing geoinformation data flows.

Automated microdensitometer AMD-3S

It is intended for automatic removal and processing the information about the black-and-white flat images registered on carriers in a complex with the personal computer. It is applied in the fields of science and technology, requiring the analysis of halftone images.

Developing machine PM-32

It is intended for chemical-photographic processing of aerofilms. The main technical characteristics of the PM-32 developing machine: the width of the processed material is 2х8 cm, the length of the processed material is up to 480 m, the length of the photographic material in the tape path is 5 m, the volume of photo-solutions in the tanks is 40 liters, weight is 1250 kg.

Rotary device for silver extraction

The rotor device for silver extraction is designed for the silver regeneration from spent fixing solute, followed by a return of these solutions to the processing system of photographic materials. The device is designed for work in photo laboratories.

The object’s perimeter security system

The object’s perimeter security system of “the industrial site” type is designed to alert of unauthorized access to the protected object by unauthorized individuals. The system consists of a set of sensors of different types (wave, capacitive, laser) and an automated control system.

Antenna complex "GAMMA OB-E"

It is intended for reception of radio waves of a decameter range on routes with length of up to 1000 km. The antenna system includes three linear antennas of a traveling wave of OB-E type with a length of 60, 120 and 240 meters, oriented on terrain, focused on the area in a common azimuth.



The stage of technical design of R&D for the development of an aviation missile warning system is accepted


The stage of technical design of R & D for the modernization of the aviation radar station is accepted (Odessa)


Meeting at the State Enterprise "Odessa Aviation Plant" on the implementation of R & D "Renewal"


Exhibition "Arms and Security" (Kiev)


The agreement on business cooperation with OJSC Topaz (Zaporozhye) on the development of equipment for aviation was concluded.


State contract for the repair of the antenna system "Gamma"


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